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Name: Kristina
Nickname: Krissy
Age: 13
Location: NJ
Birthday: 5-21

Favorites (PLEASE LIMIT TO ABOUT 5 OR 6): Broadway, Classic Hollywood, Musicals, Fashion

Movies: Moulin Rouge, My Fair Lady, De-Lovely, Bringing Up Baby
Books: Words of Silk, Wicked, Impossible, Audrey Hepburn; An Elegant Spirit
Type of Music: mainly showtunes and soundtracks from movies, but i like jazz, and techno
Bands/ Singers: Kristin Chenoweth, Ann-Margret, Idina Menzel

General Info About you:

Hair color: Dark Brown
Eye color: Dark Brown
Any piercings or tattoos: 2 piercings, one in each ear
Sign: Taurus/Gemini
Boyfriend or Girlfriend: single
Future Plans: actress, journalist, lawyer
Just curious, what religion are you (won't be judge on this)?: Catholic


What are a few things you dislike?: RAP! Hip-Hop, the hole ghetto thing.

What are a few things you love?: omg Broadway

What CD are you listening to now?: well iTunes, and I'm listening to Frank Sintara sing It Might As Well Be Spring from State Fair

What do you notice first about someone you are attracted to?: His face and smile

Finish the sentence

I love it when:you sing.
No matter how hard you try: you'll never freak me out. (something i tend to tell my sister)
And I said: omg! haha.
How many: tops did you buy?
What are you: doing?

Just the 50's:

Favorite 50s Silver Screen Siren (besides Marilyn Monroe): Audrey Hepburn
What's your favorite 50's movie?: hmm...Well I love Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and Sabrina
Who's your favorite actor/actress?: Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn.
Define Glamour: Glitter, style, and attitude.


Who did you hear about us from?: <lj user=_vintagesirens>

List 3 places (including your own journal) where you promoted us: , ,  

What will you contribute to this community?: I guess icons and other things i make.

Anything you want us to know?: umm.. I love to act and sing and dance.

Pictures! (Must be present):

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